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Bayfair Publications is a small publishing company based in and around the picturesque old fishing village of Robin Hood's Bay on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast since 1975.  Our telephone number is 01947 880801.

Our main publication is the monthly Newspaper 'Bayfair' which contains all the local news for the Robin Hood's Bay and Fylingdales area, as well as features  -  such as local history,  nature, financial and club reports - and full details of coming events, together with comprehensive holiday accommodation and tradesmen's guides.

Bayfair costs just 50p and is on sale at shops and  Post Offices throughout the local area. Copies are sent by post to subscribers throughout the U.K. and around the world.

We also offer an increasing range of books, and booklets relating to the area and to wider North Yorkshire.

Bayfair Subscriptions and the following publications can be purchased online for UK delivery.  Please email us for subscriptions and deliveries outside the UK.

You can now SHOP ONLINE for Bayfair Publications.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card, or by Paypal. All orders are processed by Paypal in their own secure environment. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, simply send your order and cheque to Bayfair at the address below.

Current Publications :


And in association with the Walmsley Society we can now offer:

Sally Lunn: Smart, sophisticated and with an air of confidence, Sally Lunn makes a trip home to her native village of Bramblewick where she finds a deepening rift between the Lunns and their rivals, the Fosdycks, with her family name fallen from favour. Maybe Sally should have stayed in London, but then she meets Tom Fosdyck and her attraction to him isn't merely a passing fancy. This authentic and engrossing story about the struggles of the bay's inshore fishermen is a tale of adventure and passion, with a dramatic climax.

Three Fevers  Republished in 2005, this is the latest version of Leo Walmsley's widely-acclaimed novel set in 'Bramblewick' (Robin Hood's Bay) in the 1920s.

A tale of action, adventure and rivalries, and of conflict between man and the elements.

Angler's Moon  Recollections by Leo Walmsley from the time of his boyhood in Robin Hood's Bay at the turn of the 20th century to his later years in Fowey. These tales are linked so effortlessly between Walmsley's present and the distant past. Republished 2008.

Foreigners  Leo Walmsley has captured the atmosphere of a boy's struggle to become accepted in Robin Hood's Bay at the turn of the 20th century, a sensitive study of loneliness and of a childhood spent in a demanding environment. Republished May 2008.

Phantom Lobster  Newly republished in 2009, here Leo Walmsley takes us back to Bramblewick where we share in the success and disasters of the local fishing families and where chasing the elusive lobster pushes the local fisherfolk and their boats to the limit.

Sound of the Sea   The definitive edition: newly republished. Leo Walmsley returns to his childhood in Bramblewick at the turn of the 20th century: the red-roofed cottages, the narrow winding alleyways, the fishing cobles, the shipwrecks and the launching of the lifeboat. This is a time portal, a window into life in Robin Hood's Bay over 100 years ago.

Master Mariner   This is not semi-autobiographical and is a novel in its own right, set in Robin Hood's Bay. The only previous edition was published whilst paper was still rationed and Collins couldn't afford a guillotine to trim the edges. The story spans from the 1920s to the beginning of WW2. Tom Bransby, a disgraced merchant sea captain scarred by the conflicts of one war, now has a greater battle to fight - with himself. What price must he pay for contentment? Will it prove too expensive?

Love in the Sun: In the early-1930s a couple run away to a lonely cove in Cornwall and make their home in an old army hut. It is the time of the Great Depression; they need furniture, food, any means of raising cash they can think of whilst he, a struggling author, is determined to write a novel about the inshore fishermen of Robin Hood's Bay –  a novel that will solve the couple's financial problems.

Paradise Creek:  It is some years after the story that began in Love in the Sun. The ex-army hut alongside the Cornish creek, that Leo and his wife turned into an idyllic home, is now derelict. His wife and their children are no longer with him. Against all the odds he determines to recreate the home beside the cove in the hope that his family will return.

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Bayfair - serving Robin Hood's Bay since 1975

To contact us, please write or email: editor@bayfair.co.uk

Bayfair Publications

Newton Croft, Fylingthorpe,

North Yorkshire.  YO22 4TN

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The following publications are not by Bayfair but  are highly recommended:

“A RUM DO!” By Pat Labistour. Re-published by Robin Hood’s Bay Museum Trust, this 98 page illustrated book tells the secret history of Smuggling in and around Robin Hood’s Bay.  

A HISTORY OF ROBIN HOOD’S BAY by Barrie Farnill. Re-published by Robin Hood’s Bay Museum Trust. This book has been deservedly called “The best book about Robin Hood’s Bay ever written”. 112 pages and 30 illustrations


P & P: £1.70


P & P: £1.70

'The Lifeboat that went by Land'   

  by Theresa Tomlinson

ISBN 0 9530357 1 9

A delightful children's story written and illustrated

by the well known  Yorkshire author.   

All profits from this book are being donated to the

Royal National Lifeboat Institution.


P & P: £1.00


'Walks around Robin Hood’s Bay'

This 12 page booklet is a re-print of one originally published by Fylingdales Parish Council in the early 1970’s. We hope this re-print will encourage many to discover (or maybe re-discover) these forgotten footways.


P & P: £0.75

'RAVENSCAR - The Town that Never Was'

        By Simon M Rhodes    This 24 page illustrated guide to the Victorian Town of Ravenscar provides


P & P: £0.75


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00


P & P: £2.00

'A Walk around the Old Village'

A 16 page illustrated booklet giving visitors the chance to explore some of the hidden charms of Robin Hood's Bay old village, and learn a little

about its history and heritage. Revised for 2017.

Text and line photographs by Jim Foster.



P & P: £0.75

UK: £11.95

Europe: £24.95

Worldwide: £33.50