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Good news from the R H Bay Tourism Association:

The 2017 Victorian Weekend will be going ahead this year on THE 8th, 9th and 10th of December. The date has been chosen to avoid conflict with the Winter Fest in Whitby, and to allow more time for Christmas trees, lights and decorations to be put up around the village.

A steering group has been set up under the guidance of the Victoria Hotel’s Beverley Rutherford to chart the way forward to a bigger, better event. Local traders are to be encouraged to take a more active part, and there will be lots of advance publicity this year.

Anyone wishing to help or get involved in this enjoyable community event, which has played a major part in boosting winter trade for over 20 years, please contact Bev on 01947 880205.


Yet again Sustrans plans for the old Scarborough to Whitby railway line were not debated at the February Parish Council meeting, BUT the report (which advises £7.5M work on the line, including £500,000 to re-open the Ravenscar tunnel) was finally published on the internet on 11th February. The link to the report  is https://share.sustrans.org.uk/share/Handlers/AnonymousDownload.ashx?folder=087cd71d The word you need is: Cinder

Paul Thompson from SBC and Rupert from Sustrans came to the Fylingdales Parish Council meeting on March 15th at Fylingthorpe Methodist Church rooms. The meeting started early – at 6.30 pm.


Friday 24th February was a milestone for the $3billion potash mine at Sneatonthorpe when it was named by Andrew Percy MP, the Northern Powerhouse Minister. The mine, said to eventually bring around 1,000 jobs, has been named the “Woodsmith Mine" in honour of Peter Woods and Rick Smith, two well-known geologists who have played a key role in its development.

Construction Work

Site clearance, the creation of bunds and drainage, and internal site roadworks are all under way. Work on the 23-mile underground tunnel to take the polyhalite from the mine on a conveyor belt to Wilton for processing will begin shortly. Digging the main shafts at the mine should start later this year and go on until 2021.

Road Works

Two local roads are to be widened to create a right-turn lane for the construction vehicles. They are the A171 turn into the B1416, and the B1416 before Red Gates where the new mine entrance will be. Drop kerbs are to be created at Helredale and a “Toucan” traffic light pedestrian crossing installed. This work should all be complete before Easter.