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Bayfair Editor’s Twitter Feed:

View from Old St Stephen's Old St Stephen's Church, Robin Hoods Bay

“CHAMPING” at Old St Stephen’s Church run by the Churches Conservation Trust has caused a great deal of controversy, but following their Open Meeting in July the old church has been re-opened to the public and “Champing” has been suspended.

PROPAGANSEY: The popular annual Exhibition of Fishermen’s Ganseys is NOT being held at Old St Stephen’s this year, but at Fylingthorpe Methodist Church, 11 - 4 daily, with FREE entry, from September 9th to 17th


The online petition objecting to Sustrans plans for the old railway line numbered over 4000 signatures by late August. It can be found by clicking the following link: change cinder track petition

This, and the paper petitions in local shops and pubs, clearly shows the strength of local and visitors feelings against the proposals.

Sustrans Revised Proposals were published on 21st June. They can be found at (password cindertrack): https://share.sustrans.org.uk/share/Handlers/AnonymousDownload.ashx?folder=68fde0ca

Scarborough Borough Council issued a statement on 15th August which many locals regard as a “whitewash”. Read it yourself at


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Robin Hood's Bay is unique. It is a very special village in a stunning location on the picturesque North Yorkshire coast. And it has a history of independent action: from the ship owning sea captains and friendly societies of the 1700s through the shipping insurance companies and independent gasworks of the 1800s through to the Bay Broadband Company that brought fast Internet to Fylingdales as early as 2004.

The village has also had its own community newspaper since 1975. The Bayfair was founded and edited by an artist and advertising director who escaped 1960s London. In 1995 he retired and the baton was taken up by Jim Foster, an ex-Customs and Excise officer, who escaped the Civil Service after 30 years and swapped chasing smugglers for chasing news stories.

The monthly Bayfair (named after a traditional local Whitsuntide Fair) provides local news, comprehensive events listings, extensive guides to local holiday cottages and accommodation providers, as well as local traders and crafts people. There are regular columns on finance, nature, local history, the arts as well as cartoons, and of course advertisements. Over 1000 copies are produced each month (more in summer). 300 and more of these are sent to subscribers all over the UK and around the world. Bayfair has had its own website www.bayfair.co.uk (which complements rather than reproduces the printed copy) since 1998.

Now, after 22 years of editing Bayfair, Jim is looking to "retire properly" and hand over the privilege and responsibility of producing the monthly newspaper to the right person (or people) with the energy and commitment to take it on to the 2020s and beyond. He says this is a unique opportunity to become managing editor of a thriving mini-publishing business.

Jim asks: “Are YOU interested in taking on the Bayfair challenge? You may be a local with  an interest in sustaining news in the community, or a journalist escaping the big city who would love the opportunity to take on a mini-publishing empire? (If the latter, a cottage and/or a retail shop in Robin Hood’s Bay could be available as part of the package!)”.

Either way, serious enquiries are welcome. Email Jim at bayfair@rhbay.co.uk

Or phone him on 01947 880660.

Editor on Fisherhead, Robin Hood's Bay Bayfair Editor at Robin Hood's Bay beach